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Bringing back beauty in architecture

Date January 2024

This website is dedicated to the revival of traditional architecture. More and more people are longing for beautiful buildings in cities, since decades of modernism and post-modernism left us with concrete buildings lacking any ornamentation and radiating coldness. The designs of most new buildings from the 20th century and also the last decades seemed to focus merely on functionality, cheapness, or even to shock the spectator. Whether it would make people happy did not really matter anymore. Hence city centers were becoming depressing, leaving people with a feeling of alienation. Many think that this should change. Now.

Since the beginning of the 20th century people seemed to be done with the old world. The concept of "progression" became popular and there was are strong tendency to reform societies were laborers and normal citizens would have the same rights as people from the middle and upper class. Old hierarchies should be abandoned and socialism was the new answer to resolve unhappiness. Anything that remindend of the old social layers with different social classes and difference between rich and poor should be dismissed. Architectural styles that referred to that old world where the wealthy, the industrustrials, the upper class or even nobility were in power should be avoided, and if possible even demolished. A new better world with happiness for everyone would be represented by buildings that radiated honest simplicity. Ornamentation was no longer needed, since functionality became the main asset ofor new buildings.

Decay of joy through amazement

However, with the simplification of buildings something was thrown away that nobody was aware of. The happines and joy that the sight of beauty can bring. If you wanted to experience beauty of course you had to go to a nuseum, or wander through old city centers that managed to retain some of their former beauty. Replacement of the old by the new 'enlightened' simpleness was the way to go, and strongly encouraged. Besides, simple buildigs wer much more efficient, and hence more profitable. It simply was the wisest way to follow and if you preferred old styles you were called old fashioned.

Spiritual impoverishment

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Let is bring back a world where we are .... by the beauty that surrounds us. Where we feel at home as humans. Where we become aware that beauty is the bridge to the spiritual realm of the Higher One.

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